Anxious about our democracy in these turbulent times? Sometimes wonder how our form of government shapes up with other of the world's governments? With questions of such import to our lives, it's always best to turn to an expert with the breadth and depth of knowledge to enlighten and explain.

Dr. Peter Bergerson, currently a professor of Public Affairs at Florida Gulf Coast University, has a rich and varied academic and research background that he applies to the real world we live in today. The author of a long list of papers and publications, he has observed, written and taught the world of politics, government, public administration and related topics for many years. He is very often asked to opine on topics related to presidential and congressional campaigns; electoral college; and judicial selection. He has focused as well on Asian studies and Cuba.

In speaking to whether or not democracy is working, Dr. Bergerson will compare and contrast the U.S. democratic government with that of other countries, with an emphasis on the government and politics of China. We can't imagine a better moment in time to focus on the U.S.-China relationship through the lens of our disparate histories and current trade machinations.

In addition to this unique and interesting presentation, we will also welcome former Judge Bob Terry, member of the LWV Sanibel board of directors. Bob has agreed to provide a short tutorial on the controversial question that is proposed to be added to the 2020 Census. Specifically, it is a question about immigration status which is now being challenged in at least 22 states and six lawsuits. This is a truly polarizing issue and Bob will help us through the legal arguments and facts, no fake news here!